Friday, January 23, 2009

Oysters and Beer and Crabs, oh my!

At The Humble Beagle, we're trying to honor the region's culinary awesomeness by incorporating it into the pub's decor. This means lots of photo sessions with local producers, growers and purveyors - from coffee roasters to crab boats to breweries to farmers. For this amateur photographer (ummmm, me), it's not such a bad way to spend my time...

I already covered the fall harvest, including grapes and chanterelles. This weekend, I'm heading to Newport where my parents have a place. LOTS of good food in and around Newport. Armed with my trusty digital SLR, I'll drop by the Rogue brewery and on Monday, will visit a goat farmer and an oyster farm. (My dad is a master smoker and his oysters are unbelievable - look for these and his smoked salmon on our menu!)

Hopefully, the weather and light will cooperate and I'll return to Eugene with some good photos. Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend!

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