Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back From Newport

I just got back from Newport, had a lovely weekend on the central coast. I took some beautiful walks on the beach with our dog (a beagle mix, natch), and spent a lot of quality time with my family.

My dad and I took a tour of the Rogue brewery, bought several of their beers to take home and sample. I'm looking forward to trying the Hazelnut Brown Nectar and the Smoke Ale, both recommendations from readers of this blog.

We also dropped by Oregon Oyster Farms - the state's oldest. (www.oregonoyster.com) If you find yourself in or around Newport, visit this place! The drive along Yaquina Bay Road is breathtaking and the oysters are fantastic. Really nice people too. The first picture on the right is the side of Yaquina Bay Rd, completely covered in oyster shells!

Lots of work going on in the pub space right now, should have all the new windows and doors installed by the end of next week!

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