Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thanks for checking us out...

What's with the empty space? What's coming next? Where did Iraila's go?

The questions and rumors have been flying since the end of September. Ready for the great reveal?

The Humble Beagle Pub will open in early 2009. We're completely remodeling the restaurant space - look for cozy booths, dark woods and the soft glow of a fireplace. The seasonally-driven menu will change regularly and feature local everything. (Wine, beer, produce, meats, eggs, dairy, etc.) And before we start to sound a little too "uptown," our prices will be reasonable.

So, if we're not open yet, what's this blog for?

Humble Bagel has been a part of the neighborhood for over 30 years. When something changes in your community, you want to know about it. This blog is your resource. We'll be posting blueprints of the remodel, regular photo updates and sample menus. We're going to need your help too - we may have questions about paint colors, beer selection or even logo design - so check back often.

Thanks again for visiting and we're looking forward to pouring you a pint...

P.S. Mark and Kenne's lease ran out at 24th and Hilyard. They're looking to re-open Iraila's in a larger space, so stay tuned!

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david said...

cool beans. those shrooms look delicious! looking forward to opening night.