Monday, October 20, 2008

Cookie Poll

On the pub's dessert menu, we'd like to make use of Humble Bagel's delicious treats. A warm fudge brownie with vanilla gelato? Yes please!

But, we can't figure out what to do with the cookies. Would you rather have a warm, gooey Humble Bagel cookie with gelato OR a gelato sandwich? (That'd be a generous serving of Stella Gelato between 2 Humble Bagel cookies.)

Tell us what you think in the comments section, and thanks!


rgold said...

great name, and it'll look great in an arc around maize's profile or beneath a straight shot of the cutie, roni

fallingtogether4 said...

How about a Humble Bagel cookie (yum) chopped up into warm gooey chunks, thrown into a bowl of gelato and served with a spoon? I've never seen it done like that before but my appetite tells me it could be amazing!

Good start so far with this blog!

herschel said...

wahoo! we're definitely coming...and in case you're looking for a second name, The Crazy Zeke could work.

Denise & Herschel

poetryslam said...

I think on the side more than sando. That way, you can get exactly the right Gelato to Cookie balance for each bite.