Saturday, March 12, 2011

Garden Update

Since I'm in front of the machine...

So everything has been flour-sacked and leaf-mulched for a few weeks now.  I've begun the process of finding the best places for beds.  Had a nice epiphany while sitting with Maizie in the yard a little while back - every bed should be the same size. Sounds obvious now but with our very irregularly shaped growing area I was thinking we might have to get creative and tuck things into non-straight rows. There I go again, adding unneeded complexity.

Speaking of unneeded complexity, Anni and I aren't rushing in the least bit to get plants into the ground. Better to take it slow and do it right than to rush things and have to do a lot more. And since we'll eventually be having things growing year-round we'll just start planting when everything's ready. Phew.

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