Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Pictures!

If you've been to The Humble Beagle space recently, you might have noticed that we're getting close. Very close. The walls are painted. The re-claimed brick "chimney" - some of those bricks are over 100 years old - is up. They're starting work on the floors tonight. The logo is almost ready. We've priced the menu and are hard at work on the beer/wine list.

A note about the menu - we really appreciate all your suggestions. We emailed a version to our friends and family, as well as posting excerpts of the menu here. You all had some great things to say and we listened. About a week before we open our doors, we'll post the final version here and at The Humble Beagle...

I know it's been awhile since I posted pictures, so here are some new ones that I took this morning...

In the pub's main room. There will be a wood stove in front of the brick.

In the pub's main room, looking towards the front.

The front room. The wall color isn't as lemon-lime as it looks. The door is and we LOVE it.

The front entrance. Those stone pillars are gone and roof has shrunk by about 3 ft. We get so much more light inside now!

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