Thursday, December 4, 2008

Playing the Waiting Game

As you may have already figured out, things aren't going as expected. It's December and if you'd asked me a few months ago what we'd be doing now, I'd have guessed picking paint colors or choosing flatware. Obviously...we're not...

We've had a lot of trouble getting the "ok" to remodel from the city of Eugene. Because the initial design called for knocking down walls, this placed us in a new world of building permits and fire codes that I can't even begin to understand, much less explain. Needless to say, the new space will look a little different from the blueprint that Ari posted last month - still good, but different.

I've been reassured that the permits will come "any day now." In the meantime, we ask for your patience while we wait and wait and wait... (Kind of like the kid who heard the forecast for snow and is staring at the sky, hoping for some snowflakes.)

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Cheryl said...

it snowed today. did you get your permits?