Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beer Preferences?

Ari's meeting with a rep from the OLCC - cross your fingers that a liquor license is forthcoming - which reminds me that I have an important question for all of you...

We need a beer list! We have 6 taps, some of which will rotate seasonally. We'd like to have a decent number of bottled beers.

Ninkasi (www.ninkasibrewing.com) will probably get 2-3 of the taps, as it seems to be the local favorite. (I like Believer, Ari's a fan of Total Domination.) What would you like to see being poured from the other taps?

As for bottled beers, we're VERY open to suggestions. Deschutes and Rogue will be represented, but are there other regional breweries you'd like to share with us? We'd like to keep the selection as "Northwest" as possible. Ari and I just tried some beer from the Fort George Brewery in Astoria - delicious! (Such a hard life right now, sampling beers...)

As usual, leave your suggestions in the comments section...


Pittsburgher Out West said...

Chimay Red. I have not been drinking alcohol since January 2007 and rarely do I have a craving for it (aside from an occasional champagne craving!) however a few days after I found out I was pregnant I was in the grocery storey and saw a bottle of Chimay Red and wanted it, no NEEDED it. It was not a pretty moment. So I don't know if you want to take suggestions from someone who doesn't drink anymore, but if so, CHIMAY RED. and HARP. and rolling rock. ok, now i want beer.

gordon said...

Guinness is required on tap - especially at a gastro pub, as is hefeweizen. Kinda depends on the menu. But those two, plus Chimay and Rogue and you're good. BTW have you tried the Rogue "Smoke" or the "chipotle" ? Amazing. Try the smoke with some good BBQ.

Hello from Brooklyn!

Tom Barkin said...

Do not miss Oakshire Brewery's Espresso Stout. Local guys that make a really fine stout with a shot of Wandering Goat espresso per pint. In my locavore estimation, its better than Guinness. Rogue also has several good ones. I think we need a scouting trip to taste a few of these beers. Let me know and I will see if I can set something up. Will have to be soon, though.

Good luck to you. Looking forward to trying some of these beers.

Cheryl said...

little bit farther north is Dick's Brewery in Centralia WA. They have a superb IPA and many specialty brews, including unusual seasonals.

Total Domination = best brew on the planet.

christopher said...

I would love if you guys had a six of Duvel sittin around for when I make it out West. Non-beer wise I would recommend you check out the small batch rye and bourbons from Hudson over here on the East Coast. Nice warming stuff!

christopher said...

Oh crap!!! Also, as a bartender who has dealt with many a tourist, Brooklyn Brewery is pretty unknown, so you could go with Brooklyn Lager, or Pennant, or Brown, and the Hudson rye and call it an homage to your former lives!

jason said...

for something a little different in a can, try caldera brewing in ashland. i like their pale ale a lot

most bars in seattle carry georgetown brewing's manny's pale ale, but i love their chopper's red ale more.

Yoav, Tali and Karen Kaufman said...

For a little Israeli flavor try a beer from the the Israeli micro-brew compnay "The Dancing Camel" One fo my favorites is...THE GOLEM (Seasonal) Legend has it that 1,000 years ago, the Jews of Prague were saved from a marauding mob by a monster created in the private study of the great rabbi of the city. So big, so horrific, when spotted by the approaching peasants they turned on their heels and ran. When the threat had diminished, the Golem of Prague was escorted back to the Rabbi’s study where it is said he continues to stand watch to this very day. What was the secret that turned this mountain of clay into the fearsome, living and breathing Golem? Whatever it was, it must have been REALLY, REALLY BIG. The GOLEM – Each keg a different monster. 9.5% - ??%

chelsea said...

Dear Anni,
My name is Chelsea Rider, and the Humble Beagle looks like it is going to be a fun and exciting place, both to hang out and to work at. With yummy baked goodies and gelato, as well as tasty northwest brew selections, how can you go wrong, really?
I can only offer you 2 suggestions for bottled beers to serve, but I think of them as the best of the Northwest; primarily Terminal Gravity IPA from the Treminal Gravity Brewery in Enterprise, OR. Secondly I love Old Rasputin Russian Empirial Stout, from the Northcoast Brewery, in CA. They're both fantastic.
I was also hoping to speak to you about any job openings you might have at the Humble Beagle. I left a resume at the Humble Bagel about a week or so ago, and today when I checked in I was told that this might be the best way to contact you during this transition. When you are ready to begin staffing the restaurant I would love come in for an interview.
Thanks so much and the best of luck with setting it all up.

db said...

I Heart Rogue Brewery

nuf said...

cat said...

I understand wanting to support local Eugene beer but Ninkasi is not much more than glorified homebrew; it's good but not great. Please have Believer instead of Total Dom., which is far too ubiquitous. As for other OR beer, what about Pelican, Hair of the Dog, or Laurelwood?
Lagunitas, although not NW but NorCal, has great beers always either by the bottle or on tap. More NorCal that are awesome: Mad River, Bear Republic, Mendocino, Moyland's, or Russian River. Maybe I'm a biased hop-head but all these are fabulous.
Can't wait to try your place. Good luck.

fmogul said...

I'm all for locivore, but I think one tap for Brooklyn isn't too much to ask!

Jenna said...

--Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout

unbelievable, eugene weekly winner, plus bakery..coffee...you know

--Ninkasi Pale Ale and

IPA is overrated, pale ale is a delicious beer fruit loop


Anderson valley has my favorite winter, but thankfully spring soon

With two spots left..

--Maybe something light to even things out, maybe an IPA for its popularity

to needing guinness and a hefe-
a 4.1% beer (ie guinness) should be half price haha, but this foreign import doesn't make the journey,trust, and something dark and local would be better

and hefe, yeah maybe, would be nice to see a new take like maybe a subtle fruit variant. i guess widmere's the most popular around here but that's why itd be nice to have some variety.

So last tap-

--Crazy stuff that changes constantly

tell us wat's wat, everyone likes new stuff and predictable unchanging tap line ups aren't much to brag about

PACIFICO, black butte porter, lost coast 8 ball stout, lagunitas is all good, sling shot extra pale fills a different spot, stuff that matches the menu, whatever's clever.

can't wait to get up there and drink!